Memorials & Honors

You can recognize the memory or honor of a loved person or pet which will be featured in our newsletter and website with a contribution of $15.00. This can be done through either our online form or mail-in form.
In Memory of People
Pearl Veldhuizen - from Robert & Marilyn Savage
Pearl Veldhuizen - from Alice & Vern Veldhuizen
Pearl Veldhuizen - from The Slawson Family
In loving memory of Francis DeVallauris - from Janet DeVallauris
Catherine Button - from Jane Smith, David & Kristine Beach
Deborah \"Redz\" Edwards - from Animal Outreach Humane Society Volunteers and Friends
Catherine D. Button, of Woodstock - from Marilyn Downs
Jan Pederson - from Erika Cychner
Anne Green - from Friends and Volunteers of Animal Outreach Society
In Memory - Catherine D. Button of Woodstock - from Dean John Harrington and Staff of the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 5304 SAGE LABS Troy, NY 12180
In memory of my mom, Betty Ballard - from Edward Urban
James \"Mike\" Donnelly - from Sandra Kauffman
Michael Donnelly - from Richard Connor
Michael Donnelly - from Dora & Jack Tippens
James Mike Donnelly - from Sharon, Deb, Cindy & Wayne
Matt Adams - from Wells Cargo
Eugene G. Swanson - from Mr. and Mrs. A. Tuscano
Mom - from Joyce Sykes
Dorothy Anderson - from Jean Krupin
Sonja Treptau - from Ann Fink
Roderick Chase - from Jacqueline Harris
Roderick Chase - from The Montenegros
Roderick Chase - from Booz Allen Hamilton
Roderick Chase - from Mr Craig Korn & Family
Myrtle Baird - from John Hopkins & Judy Rotfeld
Mary & Nancy Whistler - from Mick, Ginny, and Kurt Kamholz
Sonja Treptau - from Chris, Steve, & Dave Williams
Sonja Treptau - from Phil & Miegan Wegrzyn
Sonja Treptau - from Jean and Yasmin
Sonja Treptau - from Sue Katzenmayer
Sonja Treptau - from Paula & Marty Temple
Sonja Treptau - from Anna Cannell
Sonja Treptau - from Raymond & Barbara Martin
Sonja Treptau - from Jim & Deb Timmerman
Sonja Treptau - from Joyce Crosbie
Sonja Treptau - from Jack & Rae Johnson
Sonja Treptau - from Richard & Judi nelson
Sonja Treptau - from Tuesday Night Women\'s Softball League
Sonja Treptau - from Kimberly & Gordon Husby, Eola Deppmeier, Carolyn & Albert Jourdan, Joseph & Elizabeth Metzger, Charlotte Kumm, SR & Patrick Smith, Gerda & Billy Dominick, Eileen & Kevin Freund, Carol & A.J. Kirkpatrick, Char Pieper, Sandy & James Larkin, Nancy Pruski
Sonja Treptau - from Carlie Choyinski, Fred Carroll, Cynthia Pflug, Debra Diedrich, Chris Tokarz, Donna Rahrer, Charles & Monika Cannell
Adele Elizondo, loving mother - from Melissa Orzol
Emma Lesher - from Her Family
Ethan Maltzman - from ThoroughQuest Acres Family, Julie Corey, Sharon McCabe, Jacquelyn & Steven Knoop, Christopher & Stephanie Doubek, and Douglas & Kim Cogswell
Ed Tabbert - from Nancy Hafertepe & Family
Simon & Dorothy J. Lynn - from JoAnn Lynn Hajdrowski
Joseph E. Gula - from Maria Jozwiak
Betty Radivan - from Jeremy Pearson
Nancy Marcotte - from Arlene & Anthony Tuscano
Frances Metz - from Maurice G. Hill
David Kloepfer - from Diane Brickley
Mark Monaghan - from Kaye Buck
Chloe - from Mary Johansen
Tasha - from Barbara Piggott
Diann Baumeister - from Carol Kirkpatrick
Joseph Giusti - from Sonja, Joyce and your AOS family
Dr. L Shaw D.V.M - from Barbara Jamieson
Anabel Marie - from Barbara Jamieson
Beverly Haft - from Scott and Joan Castell
Linus - from Deane Happ
In memory of Sam - from Willaim & Nancy James
Mark Koda, Always there for me, smiling - from Karen Sandy Emery
Barbara K. Pitcher - from Robert Pitcher
K. T, a loyal and incredible friend our Doberman Pinscher - from Kristin Smith
Shirley Keller - from Judith Huemann
Winston Paulsen - from Stephanie Paulsen
Cathy & Joey Sanders - from Annette Feller
Chuck Nelson - from Patrick & Andrea Michaels
James J. Beck - from James & Carolyn Beck
Earl Adams - from Patrick & Andrea Michaels
Evalyn Meucks - from Mary Sue Katzenmayer
Evalyn Meucks - from Dale & Barbara Rascher
Evalyn Meucks - from Larry & Erin Drake
Earl W. Adams - from William Clark
Earl W. Adams - from Rosemary & Randall Kolodzey
Gary Berner - from Lynn Sobota
Nancy Howorka - from Cathy Howorka-Lockman
Pat Flowers - from Kelly and Vicki Kerr
Joseph Gula - from Terry Lueschen, Amy Equizabal, Pat Kotscharjan, Deb Muscarello, Deb and Jim Timmerman, Joan Kaufmann, Carol Norman, Rick Jacobs, Robert Collins, John Cahill, Deb Acker, Michael Smith, Maria & Jerald Jozwiak
Michael Jacobsen - from Herb and Jean Jacobsen
In Memory of Pets
Seely - from Phyllis Bonaminio MD
In memory of Lemmy, Judy Pawelek\'s cat - from Miss Cleo, Isaiah and Joyce Sykes
Rocco, beloved pet of the Frank Sode Family - from Jim & Deb Timmerman
Amy & Spanky - from Myrth & Ray Carpenter
Savannah - from Your foster family and everyone at AOHS
Panda - from Animal Outreach Humane Society
Silly and Goofers - from Steven Saunders
Qtip - from Animal Outreach Humane Society
Noel - from Vanessa, Brittany, and every family member and friend who loved you
Reggie - from The English Family
Sammy Godsberg - from Dena Gittelman
Hillary - from Marsha & Robert Brasky
Amos & Opal - from Tim Andersson
Connie Osborne\'s dog Rosie - from Bob & Sue Mandat
Sadie Fuhs - from Kellie Polen
Bailey - from Betty Miller
Wembley - from Scott & Karen Migaldi
Beloved Bianca - from Phyllis Kukula
Shadow, My wonderful cat of 21 years. - from Patricia Hoelzer
Taliesin - from Claudia & Richard Ovington
Pouncer Kitty - from Olivia Santarelli
In Memory of our dear Spice--we miss you - from Rita & Alex Shustitzky
Queenie - from Sherry DeReadt
Snicker-Snak - from Susan Randall
Corgi - from Pat Huber
Maggie - from Doris Johnson
Leo - from Megan Pera
Sampson, Loving family member of the Barfield Family - from Teresa McCoy
Scarlet - from Martin & Joan Riffner
Peaches n' Cream 1985 - from Jennie Roberts
My beloved dog Buzz and cat Pearl - from Patty Knabusch
Sasha - from Lisa & Leonard Lotz
Mischief - from Dan, Flo and Hannah Braasch
Suzy - from Elizabeth Pitts
Mason - from Jeanne & Steve Heger
Valencia-My Sweet Potatoe Pie - from Tricia Klagos
Jake - from Denise & Peter Younger
Chelsea - from Denise & Peter Younger
Fluffy - from Jackie Chodorowski
Cody Bear Allen - from Scott & Maureen
Payton - from Phil & Miegan Wegrzyn
My beloved Buzz, My 1st baby! - from Patty Knabusch
Annabelle, Jingle, Mr. Mew, & Sampson - from Mary Meredith
Portia - from Cathy Berlinger-Gustafson
Liquor and Mitzie - from Louann Holmes
Feral Cat "Tiger" - from Lori Romanus
Stormy - from Dick, Jackie, & Krista-Marie Geisler
Chloe & Buddy - from Dawn & Jessica Potter
Bandana - from Sean Truty
Measha, Duff, Heidi, & Buddy - from Luann & Rick Schneider
Brandy and Shadow - from Ted Bowers/Testnet, Inc
Rosie - from Connie Osborne
Sagwa, Special Kitty - from Sue Silk
In Loving Memory of Raptor - from Michael & Kimberly Oliver
Heidi, Our Special Baby Girl - from Shirley Zagorski
Mama - from Sasha Betke
Darby, Demi, and Dallas - from Kim Jemmi
Our beloved cat Angel - from James & Adrienne Wanek
Many lifelong dogs, all strays - from Peter & Gertrude Pishotta
Kelly & Brandy - from Janice & Arthur Meenks
Astor - from Nancy Reid Starrenburg
Mr. Wiggins, Ming, and Shi - from Cynthia Komarek
Lucky & Kitty - from Rita Shustitzky
Brandy and Shadow - from Ted Bower, Testnet, Inc.
Bum and Polly - from Elizabeth Allegretti
Callie, a Lymphoma Victim - from Nancy Roberts
Mama - from Sasha Betke
Kaley - from Alice Schank
Fritzie& Strudel Katzenmayer - from Mary Katzenmayer
Pink - from Elizabeth Allegretti
Shasta - from Dolores & Walter Romanus
Marty - from Donna & Joseph Stachowicz
Cody Ostap - from Jerry & Nadine Ostap
Little Buddy Gizmo - from Brian & Tomi Ransom
Charlies Bear - from Elisabeth Daniels
Ebony Jade - from Linda Sanew
Amber, Honey Dew, Sadie & Baby Honey Dew - from Lisa & Michael Shafer
Joey - from Diane M Sunderlage D.C.
Smokey - from Charles Schumann
Bailey - from Pam Petrakis
Bailey - from Nancy & Bill James
Ben and Sheena - from Dorothy Kinzie
Geprge (aka) Tobby - from Lisa Gates
Scamper (aka) PJ - from Lisa Gates
Kedzie - from Farrah Weber
Rosie, Norman Seeetiw and Dixie - from Susan Kotrba
Tiny - from Carol Collier
Baby & Fluffy - from Barbara Mindham
Yoda - from Kim Singleton
Willie - from Carol Weiland
Fritz Bocian , Babie Bocian, Teeki - from Susanne Bocian
Crystal - from Allen & Ann Fink
Sly - from Donna Stachowicz
Barney - from Donna Jourdan
Tigger who came to us from outside - from William & Carol Kubovy Jr.
Mittens - from Animal Outreach Society
Gonzo - from Cheren and family
Sturdel Katzenmayer - from Sue Katzenmayer
Ramon - Cecilia's dog that had a wonderful life because of her love and dedication - from Kristin Smith
My Sweet Prince - from Doris Johnson
"T"chican and Cookie - from John and Lori Valus
Miss Kitty, Spazz , Baby and Nick - from Fred and Elizabeth Allegretti
Trouble - from Lottie Piotrowski
Bigwig - from Georgeanna Small
Sinbad and Cinders - from Diane Sunderladge
Brownie - - from Ann Charles
Boo Boo Peppa - from Pamela Gieseke
Kalie - from Jody, Katie and Lucas Cash
Fritzie Katzenmayer - from Sue Katzenmayer
Midnight - from Joanne Frank
Our "little buddy" Gizmo - from Brian & Tomi Ransom
Ginger - from Helen Deckert
Murray Karth loving cat and Blackie Karth loving stray cat - from Marcella Burg
Bud & Piddles - from Dale T. Crane
Truman - from Jody, Katie and Lucas Cash
Duke the Boxer - from Annette Feller
Goldie our beloved golden retriever - from Alan & Linda Pesata
Prince (AOS) - from Animal Outreach Society
Raven (AOS) - from Animal Outreach Society
Snookie, Princess and Harry - from Rhett W. Wlder
Nutmeg, Peaches & Prudence - from Henry & Barbara Tauber
Mariah - from Linda Dentro
Molly, Widget, Trouble & Toby - from Robert & Virginia Covalt
Fritz her beloved Fox Terrier - from Susanne Bocian
Goldie - from Deborah Howden
Nibbles longtime friend and pet - from Gerald Fabbri
Jesse the German Shepherd - from Karla Nielsen
Kat Gieseke (1987-2000) - from Pam Gieseke
Kiko - from Dee & Tony Lytner
Franklin - from Phil & Miegan
In Honor of
Dixie, Lacie, Deago, Josie, & Dakota - from Lou Ann Holmes
Jacob Webster - from Phyllis Bonaminio
Grace - from Mark Stolar
All of Animal Outreach Society, the volunteers, and everyone who helps! - from Lisa Gaudiosi
Doris Jennings, my mother and friend - from Teresa Jennings
Cheri L. Keller - from Rebecca Szpara
Bea Kreft - from Jacqueline Benbenek Kwilosz
For my own little katherine whom i love dearly, and who had her own struggles before she found a loving home, And for my mom who taught me how to be a loving \"mom\" to my cats - from Georgine Wallace
For all the canines and felines that have ever produced a litter! - from Steven Miller
Kate Spinelli Hogins - from Ann and Marc Yanchura
Phil Wegrzyn - from Jennifer Lesher
Jim & Debbie Timmerman - from Russell Breutzmann
Dick & Ellen Meyers - from Bill & JoAnn Wright
The Burns Family - from Gail Bock
Audrey Grote - from Jennifer Carney
Elaine Gonzalez - from Elaine DeCarlo
Jack & Katarzyna Kaminski - from Animal Outreach Humane Society
Dick & Ellen Meyers - from Bill & Jo Ann Wright
Jill Kuhns - from Patty Cameron
Dawn Wesner - from Patty Cameron
The Burns Family - from Gail Bock
Maiero Flynn Wedding - from Sharon Klingstedt
Toby, and all other FELV+ cats, our most wonderful gifts - from Sonja Treptau
Connie Osborne - from Bob & Sue Mandat
All the volunteers of Animal Outreach Society for their tireless devotion to helping the animals. God Bless all of you and to all the mothers in your organization \"HAPPY MOTHER\'S DAY\". - from Joyce Sykes
Noreen Wisniowski, my best friend - from Tracy Wolf
Woomper and all the female stray mothers who have come in from the cold - from Catherine St. John
Cecilia for caring and loving Twinkie right into a good home - from Joelle Clark
Marge Oberst, not only a great mother-in- law, but also a great friend to animals - from BarbCat
All the foster moms everywhere - from Moira K Sullivan
Shelly - from Pamela J Kirutza Hansen
Tommy, we\'re so glad to have you! - from Christine Andersson
Their pets-past, present, & future - from The Gyorke & Cook Families
Dick & Ellen Meyers - from Bill & JoAnn Wright
Shadow - from Patricia Hoelzer
Deago, Dixie, and Dakota - from Louann Holmes
Max - from Cathy, Ryan, Slinky, and Lexie Stone
Mikey - from The Michaelsons
Michael Bregy - from Sue Katzenmayer
Thea Johnson - from Claire Beck
Diamond Jemmi - from Kim Jemmi
Phil Wegrzyn - from Jennifer Lesher
Michael Bregy's Dogs - from Sue Katzenmayer
Nancy Owen James & Bill James - from Diane Locandro & Jeffrey Fort
Sophie - from Laura Charron
Cecilia Browne - from Tommy Andersson
Shadow - from Patricia Hoelzer
Connie Osborne - from Hobbit Distributing, Joyce Kauke, Susan Mandat, Larry Smith, Carla Remer, John Osborne, Doug Osborne,
Lindsey Halpern Givens - from Georgine Cooper
Steve Janssen - from Mary Sue Katzenmayer
Brinnie Etten - from Allen & Sandra Etten
Mr. Bailey, Sylvester, & Murphy - from Janice & Arthur Meenk
Nancy & Bill James - from Jeff Fort & Diane Locandro
Teddy,Kal-Lee, Niki, Molly, McKinley, Sam, and Patches - from Ted Bower, Testnet, Inc.
Julie Schildgen - from Richard Schildgen
Wednesday, Redman, and Frisky - from Elizabeth Allegretti
Kittens: Bonnie and Kelly - from Jacqueline Chodorowski
Gracie & Ariel - from The Albrights
Natalie Bohrer - from Leonard & Margery Pelkowski
Ebony Elizabeth - from Susan Kotrba
Owen - from Marilyn Miller
Schatze - from Susanne L. Bocian
Shadow at age 17 - from Patricia Hoelzer
Tommy & Odin - from Mary Maurer
Mia, Trixie & Charle - from Elizabeth Daniels
Phil Wegrzyn - from Jennifer Lesher
Jeff & Natalie Bohrer - from Margie Pelkowski
Keypurr - from Ron And Desiree Lipowski
Bill & Nancy James - from Viktor & Peggie Weber
Barny Rebel - from Caroline & Tim Affield
Newt and Cally - from Rhett W. Elder
Phil Wegrzyn - from Jennifer Lesher
Mrs. Suzanne Frey, Elementary teacher - from Robert, Linda & Jason Morich
Phil & Miegan Wegrzyn - from Jennifer Lesher
Jeff & Natalie Bohrer - from Leonard & Margery Pelkowski

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